Pakistan Among Top 10 Countries With Fastest Growth of Ultra-Rich

Pakistan is among the countries with top 10 fastest growing population of ultra-high net-worth? (UHNW) individuals over the last 5 years. Bangladesh with 17.3% UHNW growth tops the list followed by China (13.4%), Vietnam (12.7%), Kenya (11.7%), India (10.7%), Hong Kong (9.3%), Ireland (9.1%), Israel (8.6%), Pakistan (8.4%) and United States (8.1%), according to?World Ultra Wealth Report 2018. Credit Suisse wealth data for 2017 shows that Pakistan has the lowest wealth inequality in its region as measured by Gini index. Lower inequality can be seen in terms of rising percentage of households that can afford to buy durables like?appliances and vehicles?as reported by Dr. Abdul Ghani of?Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL).

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