Operation Radul Fasad needs a solid begining

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed online?news and views service, I wish to express my appreciation of the decision of Pakistan Army to launch country wide operation against terrorism by the name of ‘Radul Fasad’.

First of all the name of the operation is very appropriate and easy to understand. Having said that, such operations have also been launched in the past?and operation Zarbe Azab being a recent example which quelled terrorism for sometime but could?not eliminate it, as it did not address the root cause of terrorism in Pakistan.

For making operation ‘Radul Fasad’ a success, I suggest that it should start with making it compulsory for all Imams of Mosques to publicly denounce terrorism in the name of Islam in their Friday prayer sermons. Any Imam not doing so should be considered a facilitator of terrorism. This one step alone will be more effective than randomly throwing a thousand bombs on terrorist abodes or summoning Afghan ambassador and warning him etc etc. All superficial measures result in superficial results.

If Pakistan Army?is sincere in eliminating terrorism it must attack extremism and instead of spending billions on using arms and ammunition it should spend a part of this money to engage (if need be, hire) ?Religious leaders who can effectively counter the narrative of terrorism and present the true narrative of Islam where peace, tolerance and coexistence is the hallmark. It is also imperative that the army addresses social injustice in the country which leads to youth getting fed up with this world and prefer?to commit suicide attack in revenge against blatant injustice, as they see no hope?in this society. — Izharul Haq, Chitral 23 Feb 2017

One thought on “Operation Radul Fasad needs a solid begining

  1. The 2nd phase of operation against terrorists has been launched by the Pak Army with the beautiful Arabic word “RAD-DUL-FASAD” as a slogan. Here, I would like to quote Another beautiful Arabic word “FADARBAR RAQAB” which has been used in the Holy Book “Qur’an Majeed”. The Almighty Allah orderers that O” people who embraced with Eimaan! whenever you encounter with Kafirs, Fadarbar Raqab> which means Break out their necks. The viewers may confirm the verses and Sura from their Scolars. It is obvious that there is no any kind of sympathy for those who commit suicide blast and kill innocent people. There is no doubt that our Pak Army is fully determined to eliminate the terrorism in the country.

    We are hopeful that the Pak Army will perform well and take it as a mission in the light of our Islamic teachings. The civil government should join hands in this mission and extend full cooperation in the context of financial requirement and logistic supports where ever required.

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