Open letter to ex PM Nawaz Sharif

Dear Sir,

As I have come to know through the press about your planned visit to visit Chitral shortly, I and all Chitralis welcome you here. We appreciate your attention towards Chitral in your current tenure. You allocated substantial amount of money for development projects in Chitral for which people of Chitral thank you. However on this occasion I would like to say that your inauguration of the Lowari tunnel in July 2017 has been a total flop.

You said in your inaugural speech that the tunnel will be open 24 hours for travel and that 99 percent work was complete. During this past 10 months since inauguration Chitralis have been subjected to torture at the tunnel just like before by making them wait for hours at the mouth of the tunnel unnecessarily. The tunnel remains closed for 12 hours in 24 hours. What kind of inauguration was this?

I am sure you are un aware of the fact that despite your government still being in office, the NHA is discrediting you on the Lowari tunnel issue by troubling the travelers unnecessarily. Instead of giving you credit Chitralis are complaining about the tunnel not being fully open and consider the inauguration as to have been ‘disqualified’ by the NHA.

Kindly address this issue and order the NHA to remove barriers inside the tunnel and allow travelers to use it round the clock. If you get these orders issued before your visit, you will get an even warmer welcome in Chitral.

Yours sincerely
Irshad Ali,
Chitral, 29 Apr 2018

One thought on “Open letter to ex PM Nawaz Sharif

  1. Everything in the country has taken a downward swing now that NAWAZ Sharif is no longer in the driver seat. Put him on driver seat again in 2018 and help Pakistan make a return to Glory.

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