Open letter to Chairman NAB

Dear Chairman NAB,
I am planning corruption of around 50 crores. Could you please calculate and let me know my plea bargain amount so that I know how much would I exactly save.
Thanks in advance for your corruption friendly services.
Citizen of Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “Open letter to Chairman NAB

  1. ‘Plea Bargain’ is the ultimate example of our justice system. What this law means is that if a person murders my father (God forbid) and the culprit is caught, i enter a plea bargain with him and let him go with cutting off his finger as a bargain, Or, if my house is burgled and burglar is caught, i let him go Scot free if he returns my old television set only, letting him keep everything else.— This can happen only in Pakistan. God save our country.
    In Malaysia a corrupt person caught is jailed for a minimum of ten years and a fine equal to ten times the amount of looted money is charged from him.

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