Only in Pakistan: Treating cancer with lollipop

CHITRAL: Strange things are going on in Pakistan. Loans upon loans are being taken merely to pay the interest on previous loans, let alone repaying them back. Schemes like Benazir Income Support, Ehsas program, Sehat Card, Langar Khana, Shelter homes etc are all the result of a fickle and defeated mindset of the policy makers to pacify the raging tsunami of poverty in the country. Ridiculous as these programs are, they levy a huge expense on the government exchequer, while almost negligible portion of population benefit from them if at all. The main beneficiaries of all these schemes are always those official mangers who handle the money.

Even today, when common sense is actually becoming common, owing to the free media and worldwide knowledge dissemination facilities, stupid policies are being formulated and practiced in Pakistan with impunity. Instead of reducing the overhead expenditures of the government, judiciary and armed forces, restricting luxurious imports and imposing austerity measures across the board – all which are creating inflation in the country, the government is trying to thrust a cheap lollipop in the mouths of the ‘crying people’ by announcing free bags of flour to benefit some people for a few days. What after that?

The policy makers of Pakistan have thus far failed miserably in every field. Fresh blood with revolutionary mindset is badly needed to come forth in order to get this wobbling train of Pakistan on track . .. CN report, 08 Mar 2024

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