Only one Resolution for this Ramazan

Ramazan is here again. God has given us yet another opportunity to make use of this blessed month and mend our ways. Abstaining from eating and drinking during the day is not enough and certainly not the end objective of observing a fast. The month of fasting is about?slowing down and taking a stock of our lives, about how we are conducting ourselves in our day to day affairs and identify areas where we are going wrong.

Like people world over make a new year resolution, one resolution we as muslims can make at the begining of Ramazan and the one resolution that can turn our lives around is that we resolve to?not tell lies.

If we look around in our society there is lies every where. In governance, in business, in politics, in personal lives, in preaching, in teaching, in the courts, in the bazars,?you name a sector of our society and you will find lies being practiced with impunity?there.

If we get rid of the sordid culture of telling lies (the mother of all sins), eighty percent of?social evils will be eradicated.

Let us resolve this Ramazan that we will not tell lies come what may. Hope religious preachers, school teachers, parents and mentors will stress upon those under their influence to make this resolution of ‘not to tell lies‘, at the begining of Ramazan and do justice to this Holy month. .. CN Editorial, 27 May 2017.

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“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself” -Augustine

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