One Global Army for the world

The recent operation by US military forces deep inside Pakistan to get their wanted target Osama bin Laden tells us clearly how the world has changed. Even a decade ago such an operation would not have been even thinkable nor successful, but the advancement in technology has made hitherto impossible tasks easily achievable as we see.

The fact that president of US was watching the live action on a screen in Washington 13000 kms away is a food for thought. All would agree that armed forces of any country are a big burden on its exchequer but at the same time necessary for the sake of guarding the territorial integrity of the country. If this function is carried out by a standing international (global) armed force under a potent united nation, then individual countries would not have to bear the financial burden of armed forces and can requisition the said global army for their help when required.

The global army comprising of soldiers from all countries should be tasked to act as the global peace keeper and individual countries can then be free to attend to social and economic development of their people.

After all we need a new world. We should not be condemned to stupidly follow systems and traditions we have inherited from our past (not a very good history the world has). We must use the advance in human intelligence, science and technology to make the world a better place for our successors.

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