One Global Army for the world – 2

Yes a global army is the very need of the day. The world nations in general, and Pakistan in particular, have to fairly and squarely review their military set ups. The present Abbot-Abad-operation is not only a glaring example of the advancement of military technology of the west; it is also an eye-opening indication of the incompetence of our military and Intelligence Agency. The fact that Bin Laden has had a safe hideout inside Pakistan, unnoticed by our ISI and military, is what poses the most upsetting of all questions: Are our strategic installations safe from the access of extremist elements or spy agencies of rival countries?
More shocking than the failure of ISI to find out the most wanted man on the planet is the fact that it remained totally unaware of the raid by the US Navy SEAL, which involved two military helicopters and took more than forty minutes, under the nose of PMA Kakul. It leaves a big question mark on our Army’s ability to make out with extremist elements vis-à-vis their increasing tempo that is likely to get further accelerated in the aftermath of Bin Laden capture. In the back-cloth of all this it is imperative to have a global army to take care of global peace and security.

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