One Flight in 16 days!

At the time of writing this editorial report there has been only one flight for Chitral during the last 15 days . It may be noted that the road connection between Chitral and the rest of Pakistan is severed and the only other outlet other than the PIA flights is via Afghanistan. The problem with the Afghanistan route is that it is not a guaranteed secure route and passengers travel through the often troubled Kunar province of Afghanistan at the peril of their lives and self respect. Passengers cannot travel in their own vehicles and are forced to use the Afghan vehicles requiring switching vehicles at various points to get to Chitral. Essential Goods are also not allowed on this route.

It may be pertinent to comparatively mention that recently when the Karakoram highway to Gilgit was blocked for one day an emergency was declared and the road cleared within 24 hrs. If the road had been blocked for another day special C130 and Helicopter services would have been operated for the affected people of Northern areas ; But when Chitral road gets blocked for four months not a soul stirs and at best we are told to travel through Afghanistan on “Akhpul Bandubast” basis- What a pity? Are the people of Gilgit more Pakistanis than Chitralis or are Chitralis destined to get what they deserve!-Shame upon our leaders. woe upon us!

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