NTS system, a blessing or a curse?

5 thoughts on “NTS system, a blessing or a curse?

  1. I didnt know we had such a transparent system of merit for the last 69 years, as said by the writer. I think NTS is an excellent idea to root out nepotism and favouritism which have become our second nature. Surely its implementation requires improvement but going back to the previous practice which failed to enforce any level of transparency is not a solution.

  2. What a professionalism, there are people in Chitral who can smell corruption and can measure its severity through their sharp noses. Such noses must be preserved and can used as effective tool to root out corruption from Chitral by the experts like my friend Taimur Shah. the noses manufactured, at the time, when world famous Mr. 10% was ruling our beloved country, are hard to find now, and need to be preserved as national assets.

  3. Politicians of Pakistan are lucky to have those other noses in majority. Noses that cannot smell any corruption. Such noses elected Zardari as our President few years ago.

  4. The concept of NTS system is to bring transparency and meritocracy in the selection system. If there have been malpractices observed, they should be pointed out and rectified, but please don’t go back to the old system where government jobs were put on open auction. Remove the lacunae in the NTS system,don’t scrap it. Don’t cut the head to cure the headache.

  5. This is appropos to the letter above that I experienced appearing in the NTS test based Chitral where I was shocked to see the invigilators and superitandants saying that there is 0 tolerance for cheating. I was too happy that we are having transparent exam and I was shocked when the exam started where most of the students who were known to each other were asking questions openly infront of the invigilator and filling up the sheets. No one dare to stop them and the claims were to be no more.
    Even interesting the superitandant was Chitrali where he spoke in Urdu regarding all the rules and regulations. Even NTS is not a transparent system. I am not criticizing anyone instead I am requesting that very soon we are going to have another competitive exams ihrough NTS and if the situation remains the same than we will not dare to consult the court in such cases specially against the authorities and specially the supritandant and invegilators. So through your esteemed paper I draw the attention of all the authorities who will be responsible in conduction of the test will be responsible for their own faith in future.

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