Now, Enlightenment formula in a pill

As if pills promising good health and well being were not enough, now a company advertises pills which contain ‘Enlightenment Formula’, promising effects which are a step further than the usual pills. The Advertisement reads:-

“Eclipta Alba is a secret herb used by many Saints and Siddha?s to find ecstatic levels of awareness. This unique sound-infused formula connects you to your own deep source of intelligence through the crown chakra- an energy center on the very tippy-top of your head. Eclipta Alba has been rumored to remove karma by simply changing the thoughts of the herb-taker!

As a liver protector, the Enlightenment Formula works overtime by turning fat into energy, detoxifying chemicals and getting rid of old blood cells. Additionally, the formula purifies your skin and hair resulting in an outer glow. Why not help the largest gland in your body and promote beautiful skin and hair too!”

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