Nine things I would ban In Pakistan, if I could

CHITRAL: Bright ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Thanks to the internet and the Youtube in particular, such ideas are shared generously round the clock by those who deem so. Azad Chai wala is one such person who is sharing his inspirational views with his viewers in a very simple and down to earth manner since some years. The video below is again from the core of his heart and therefore so impressive.

..  CN report, 25 Jan 2022

2 thoughts on “Nine things I would ban In Pakistan, if I could

  1. The 10th point should have been, ban all manifestation of religious extremism whether in the form of rallies and marches which disrupt routine life, or extremist narratives which poison the peaceful and tolerant minds of people.
    I’m sure he must be feeling this but was afraid to mention. For that matter, Who would not be afraid!

  2. Fantastic, I wish at least some Chitralies must see this video. I am astonished that I haven’t seen any comment, wish some of the active people must take part in the debate at least at

    The society is dying and going backward. Just see the pictures of 60s & 70s of Pakistan where we are going now. It is the most dangerous part, when you go to any society first you can see the physical appearance of the people then the traffic and make your perception about the country and area.

    Thank you chitralnews for sharing wonderful peace of video and we appreciate it.

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