NHA schedule closes tunnel during maximum usage time

Chitral — NHA has issued a revised schedule for closure timing of the Lowari tunnel which was opened by the prime minister on 20 July.

According to the new NHA schedule the Lowari tunnel will be closed for all kind of traffic from 11 am to 7 pm every day. This means the Lowari tunnel will not be available to travelers during day time when all travelers want to travel during daylight in the mountains of Lowari. Forcing travelers to cross the tunnel before 11 am or after 7 pm is not understandable. Passengers travelling from Islamabad and Peshawar cannot reach the tunnel by 11 am and will have to wait at the tunnel till 7 pm for it to open. Travelling in the Lowari tunnel area after 7 pm is dangerous as roads are broken and giving way to oncoming vehicles at night is extremely precarious.

The intention of the NHA here as always is to create hurdles and inconvenience for the travelers in whatever way they can.

There is no reason the tunnel is made one way. Having traveled through it recently the tunnel is absolutely fit to take two way traffic . Why is it made one way? Again to pain the travelers and nothing else. The NHA is not willing to adjust the work timing of a few workers working inside the tunnel but is willing to inconvenience thousands of travelers including women, children, old and sick, every day. .. CN report, 03 Aug 2017

One thought on “NHA schedule closes tunnel during maximum usage time

  1. What is the reason for not allowing traffic during day and working during night. Inside the tunnel does it make difference whether working during day or night? But for travelers there is a world of difference travelling during day or during night in the dangerous broken mountain roads. Infact travelling after last light should be banned on the Lowari pass road.

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