NGOs bound to spend money on Chitral’s development, DC Chitral

Chitral .. Deputy Commissioner Chitral Irshad Ahmad Sodher has said that NGOs receiving international funds are bound to spend the money on the development of Chitral. He was addressing members of the District council at the district assembly hall in Chitral. He said it was the moral duty of every government official to serve the people selflessly and relentlessly and any one not coming up to the mark will not be tolerated. He stressed upon the importance of village councils as the basic units of democracy.

The DC said Chitralis are paying indirect taxes on every essential item of daily use they purchase from the market, therefore they deserve due service from the government in return. He also warned the contractors regarding misappropriation in government projects. He paid special emphasis on basic civic sense of cleanliness and orderliness in the town and said due attention is being given to train the people to improve their living conditions within their jurisdiction.

District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah also addressed the meeting and said they have welcomed all political leaders to Chitral regardless of political affiliations. He praised the efforts of the Deputy commissioner for betterment of Chitral and vowed to support him in his efforts. .. Muhkamuddin, 26 Oct 2017

2 thoughts on “NGOs bound to spend money on Chitral’s development, DC Chitral

  1. If one is to believe what is written in the above news report, then, the DC has indeed noble intentions and thinking. However ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’. I wish him God’s help in carrying out his honest and selfless service to Chitral.

  2. in addition to NOGs, honorable DC should look into the performance of govt. departments. He must visit the far flung areas of the district and check even people would not be aware about the names of govt. department working in Chitral (i.e. agriculture department, irrigation department, public health department, livestock department). Further he must help open gathering and check the embezzlement in infrastructure projects by the Works and Communication Department and PWD with collusion of contractors.

    I would also request the honorable DC, to visit District Forest Department and on random basis, pick some applications given from timber permit for house construction, it will be surprising for him that 60% permits have been sold to contractors by the employees working in forest department and the applicants would not be even aware about it that their permits have been approved and sold out.

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