New Year greetings to all, from Belgium

Dear Sir,
I am a British living in Belgium. I am seventy years old and a retired police chief inspector with thirty-five years experience in law enforcement. I am very much interested by Pakistan. I like your country’s long history, great culture and traditions. I am proud to be a humble citizen of the Commonwealth of Nations. A great family of 2.4 billion people. We are of diverse cultures, traditions and history, which makes humanity so beautiful. ?Though tribes and tongues may differ? we are all God?s children. I like Chitral News very much. Your site on the internet is great. Allow me to wish you and the people of Chitral a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018. .. Kenneth John Heselwood, Berkendael street 122, BE-1050 Brussels, Belgium

3 thoughts on “New Year greetings to all, from Belgium

  1. Thank you Kenn for your warm wishes ! We also wish you and your family a very happy New Year.
    Jamil U Din

  2. Dear Kenneth John Heselwood

    I thank you very much for your love for Pakistan in general and for Chitral in particular. I also thank you for your New Year greetings. Your good views and opinions about diversity and pluralism are highly regarded as such views are the panacea for our present discords and conflicts in the world. Happy New year to you and to those loving ones around you! May God bestow His immense blessings upon you and your beloved ones in the year 2018.

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