New ‘security check’ at Chitral Airport

Dear Sir,
Recently travelling from Chitral to Islamabad, I noticed a new security check introduced at the airport. As if there were not enough inconveniences already, this time on, the ID cards were being not only checked but also being verified online by the security guard standing at the door. This was causing additional discomfort to passengers including ladies and children standing in a line outside the passenger lounge waiting for their identity cards to be verified online by a security guard which was taking a long time. This is not done at any other airport in Pakistan. Elsewhere the ASF guard only checks the ticket and lets the passengers in the lounge. The ID card is checked by the boarding pass issuing airline staff. The new ‘security measure’ introduced in Chitral is un-understandable.

Actually in Pakistan every government organisation rises to its own level of creating nuisance. There are two flights a week from Chitral and the ASF personnel have nothing to do the rest of the week, so when they get their chance on a Friday and Sunday they want to catch up with their level of imposing themselves unnecessarily aka showing their nuisance value.

Can the logic of this new practice be looked into by higher authorities of the security force please. — Ashraf uddin, Chitral 10 Jul 2017.

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