New Rental system introduced in Chitral

Chitral — A new system of rental agreement with tenants of shops in Ataliq Bazar Chitral has been introduced by Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah, the proprietor of these?shops. Explaining to CN?the concept ?he said he has introduced the new system after due diligence and thorough consideration of all aspects, specially about being just and fair which he said is his prime belief in?life.

Giving details of the new arrangement he said, now any one wanting to rent a shop in his property will not have to pay heavy outright security or ‘pagri’ as it is locally called. Instead the renter will only pay the yearly rent in advance and enjoy the shop for the whole year without any botheration of paying monthly rents. At the end of the year if the person wishes to?continue he will pay the next years rent as before and continue thus.

Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah said this offer has been highly appreciated by shopseekers and given them the choice between the old system and this one 100 percent shopseekers opted for the new system. He further said that he is confident that his new system would be adopted countrywide sooner than later, except by over ambitious?landlords who want to extract maximum security/pagri deposit at the time?of the agreement. — CN report, 21 Nov 2016.

8 thoughts on “New Rental system introduced in Chitral

  1. Although I am not related to the business community of Chitral yet being father of shopkeepers in Lahore, I appreciate the system introduced by the landlord, Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah. I realize that This exclusive system is close to the logic and provides better facility to the tenants. It should be adopted by the government and the tenancy rule revised accordingly.

    1. The tenant has the liberty to vacate the shop whenever he wishes, the advance rent being non refundable. Similarly if the owner wishes to get his shop vacated before expiry of the contract, for some good reason like reconstruction etc, he will have to pay the tenant double the amount of the advance money as penalty.

  2. Not a justified agreement as we know that all the shop keepers paying rent from his monthly income ,this agreement forced him to pay for a year so I think this is not a justified one and as a muslim it is against the Islamic laws also

  3. The going pagri rate for a well located shop in Chitral bazar is as much as 5 lac rupees. You think it is justified to ask for that money as deposit and still charge monthly rent from the shopkeeper, or is it better to ask for only the yearly rent in advance without grabbing his deposit. To further clarify your aspersion, e.g if the rent of a shop is Rs 10000 per month, in this arrangement the shopkeeper will have to pay only Rs 120000 and enjoy the shop rent free for 12 months, but in the traditional system he would have to pay Rs 500000 as pagri first and still pay Rs 10000 per month as rent too- Which is more justified of the two? Regarding the fear for payment of advance rent for the following year, the shopkeeper can keep saving his monthly rent and keep it with himself instead of giving to the landlord every month, and pay it in lump some at the end of the year for the next year, simple as that. No rocket science. If this is not justified what else is?

  4. Looks very fair. It is simply a pre-pay system being adopted as is being gradually adopted by all institutions world over. The telecom companies are successfully using the prepay system, utility bills in advanced countries are prepaid now. Banks etc are offering golden handshake as a prepay pension to their employees. Insurance companies charge their installments on yearly basis instead of the earlier monthly basis, so on and so forth. Here the big devil i.e the pagri/security is being eliminated at a cost to the landlord but as a bonus to the shopkeepers. And most of all it simplifies the system and makes it transparent. Good job, keep it up.

  5. Don’t you think it is simply exploitation and against the international labor law? Simple Chitralies have no options. If you could be in any other area you will see the new rent system. I know you cannot publish my email. Syed waqas sDrish

    1. Waqas Ahmad sahib, Please explain where is the exploitation in it and which international labor law does it contravene? Now that you have made an allegation, you must qualify it also. suggest you go through the traditional pagri system and compare it with this new system with a cool head and then comment again.

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