New order for the Judicial System needed

CHITRAL: Among the many ills that ail our country, is the absence of an efficient and fair judicial system. Instances of legal cases being dragged on for generations are not rare in Pakistan. It appears that no government since independence has paid heed towards the improvement of our judicial system. Jokes, puns and sarcasm abound regarding the weakness of the justice system in Pakistan.

Salutes to this Judge!

Whereas there may be many suggestions regarding improvement of the judicial system, one suggestion if implemented would not only turn around the deliverance of justice in Pakistan but would also reduce the load on the courts which are full of ‘no go’ cases being filed by every Tom Dick and Harry, and many on the instigation and prodding of lawyers, who have nothing to loose trying their shenaniganism, in the current system.

As per the new suggestion any lawyer who files a frivolous case on behalf of a party and looses the case, the lawyer along with the case filer party should be punished severely. If this law is implemented there would be 80 percent less cases in the courts and those who file a petition need to be pretty sure and confident about what they are doing. At present there is a heavy load of non-serious cases in the courts. The example of the illiterate Sikh judge is a gleaming road for our Judges. .. CN report, 24 July 2020

One thought on “New order for the Judicial System needed

  1. Who wants justice? Everyone wants justice.
    What will people do who want to eat a very popular, tasty fruit? Everyone will try to plant the tree, that gives such a fruit.
    How many people have tried to plant the tree whose fruit is “Justice”? That means how many people can we see trying and working to make the practice of justice a very commonly found habit and practice among the masses?
    How many? Hardly any.
    If people at large do not plant the tree that gives them the fruit they want to eat, If people at large do not give topmost priority to the practice of Truth and Justice how will such virtues become commonly found habit and practices? How?
    Charity begins at home. Every god habit and practice needs to begin from the homes of the masses. True?

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