Need for encouraging collective qurbani (animal sacrifice)

Dear Sir,

Through your esteemed online newspaper I would like to put forward my following thoughts on the subject:

Qurbani (animal sacrifice) is an obligatory ritual in Islam and every muslim respects it and tries best to observe it. However, I feel that instead of each individual offering separate qurbani of a small animal on his own, if the practice of collective qurbani, of a camel, ox, bull, yak or cow (which is allowed) is adopted there will be reduction in many civic problems while not affecting the technical validity of qurbani. I feel this way there will be less blood and offal in the mohallah streets which are not cleaned for days..

Collective Qurbani trend increasing

The collective qurbani can be arranged by the village councils who can collect the contributions, buy and sacrifice large animals according to the number of contributors and divide the meat accordingly. The qurbani can be carried out at a prominent place in the village council. This will be a neat arrangement fulfilling our religious obligation of animal sacrifice, yet keeping hygiene and cleanliness under control.

I request the Imams of mosques through the district administration to promote the concept of collective qurbani keeping in mind the increasing population and other considerations. Thanks .. Faridul Haq, Chitral 19 Aug 2018

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  1. I was reading on facebook that in Islamic countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey Egypt etc, Collective qurbani is practiced officially. This means it is allowed by sharia, otherwise the Ulema, Muftis and Aalims over there would not have allowed this practice.

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