Nawaz Sharif’s public speech snafu goes viral

Chitral — The public speech of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif at the Chitral polo ground was going on well, when, trying to turn on to a light note, he said when he came to Chitral first time twenty years back, Chitralis could not speak Urdu but now he sees they can. He then asked people who could speak urdu to raise their hands and instantly all the crowd raised their hands.

Though Mr Sharif might have had light humor in mind when saying this but after his speech ended people forgot about the monetary announcements and stared discussing (criticizing) his naive remarks which appeared as he was trying to belittle Chitralis. Though he quickly realised and tried to cover it up  by saying “Chitralis can speak four languages and are no less than any body else” but the damage had already been done.

Twenty years back at the same place he had asked Chitralis in again an easy mood ,if they Knew what one crore is, and that began a propaganda against him for ‘insulting’ Chitralis and cost him his position in Chitral for twenty years. Now when the people had almost forgotten that episode, he again came up with another misfired humour and will definitely have to pay for it, as there are many sitting ready to exploit it. — CN report, 08 Sep 2016.

9 thoughts on “Nawaz Sharif’s public speech snafu goes viral

  1. This mistake is repeated for the second time, this is not the mistake of PM but is the mistake of those people who are associated with PMLN. Before his arrival, PM should be briefed about Chitral, its culture, education level etc. As we compare Chitral wit other districts of Punjab, it is totally different, PM should not compare Chitral with Kasure, Jhang, Pakpatan etc. We are poor people but we know how to get respect and whom to give respect. We never compromise our values for getting monetary benefits, PM should understand it clearly. If someone gives us respect we can maintain that respect for centuries, the live example is our association with Bhutto family and Pervez Musharaf.
    After partition, Chitral state had decided its affiliation with Pakistan without any deal, similarly Chitral is a part of Pakistan, if any government official whether it is PM, CM or any party representative providing development fund for Chitral then it should be considered the right of the inhabitants of Chitral. PM should realize that Chitral has a long boarder with Afghanistan, since partition people of Chitral have maintained the security of boarder otherwise, like Kargil, government will spent million of funds to maintain the security in the boarder. On security point of view, Lawari tunnel is the need of the day, this tunnel has been initiated by Bhutto and Parvez Musharif, other parties are requested not to get credit of this project. If they have initiated and completed other projects in Chitral then the credit goes to them but till now no visible project has been completed in Chitral during the last 40 years as I remember. the only mega project is blacktopping of Chitral Booni road that was completed by an NGO. Can PM and other parties justify this step-motherly behavior with Chitral?

  2. میرے خیال سے اس معاملے کو برا چرا کے پیش کیا جارہا ہے – پرائم منسٹر نے لائٹ موڈ مے بولا تھا . اس بات کو چترالیوں کی غیرت کا مثلا نہیں بنانا چاہیے . ویسی اگر کوئی انسان حامی پسماندہ سمجھ رہا ہے اس میں ہمارا(چترالیوں) کا زیادہ کسور ہے . ہماری حالت تو یہ ہے کی کوئی بھی وزیر آجائ تو ہم اسکو احسان سمجھتے ہیں.وَزِیرِ اَعظَم کے انے کے موکے پر چترالیوں کی باتیں دیکھ کر یوں لگ رہا تھا کے انکا آنا ہم پر کوئی احسان ہے .

  3. PM said it in light and humorous mode but we also have to understand that the credit of completing Lawari Tunnel goes to PM Nawaz Sharif, because during the whole period of Zardari cum Gillani work on the tunnel remained suspended and Sambu Company even shifted its machinery from the site. secondely it is PM Nawaz Sharif who released the funds and during his period up to Rs .20 billion spent on the project. If it was right of Chitrali people why we did not demand release of the fund during Zardari era when the funds were diverted to Multan. It is the magnanimity of PM Sarif who released the funds without any political benefits in return. He bagged only 1500 votes from Chitral and now spending upto Rs. 40 billion for development of Chitral which truly shows his interest for development of Chitral. This particular word is used to emotionaly blackmailed innocent people of Chitral through anti-Nawaz elements, but in true sense he said it in light and humorous mode. I want to ask where is our Chief Minister and provincial leadership and what is their contribution for Chitral. it is zero sum zero

  4. Respected editor chitralnews dotcom.
    Sir,very well said by my colleagues…many thanks to PM sb for his repeated visits to say hello hai to us..we the chitralis are fortunate people on the planet earth…our culture our values and our patriotism level is an open example to the global community..thats why we are labelled as the most resilient and peaceful nation on earth…we welcome PM and all those who want to visit us…we should,t waste time what he said about urdu speaking level of the people..above all PM has respect for us no matter a bit less that PM Bhutto and president P Musharaf….the most important thing at this juncture is to hold our values and tell the youth about it and make a daily practice…this is our asset and we all should be proud of being chitralis…love, Pakistan Zindabad.

  5. Dr. Karim has well explained the situation regarding light humor of P.M. I live in Lahore since 1965 and well know about the living style of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Unfortunately, we Chitralis are very sensitive and therefore noted it as humiliation of the people.
    It is to point out that the literacy rate of Chitral is much better as compared to any other district of big cities. Here I would like to mention that during my visit to Chitral in March, 2016, I happened to offer Jumma prayers in Badshahi Masjid, Chitral. I was much astonished with pleasant note when the Khateeb Sahib announced the orders of prayers in three languages (Chitrali), (2) Urdu and (3) Pashto. For me, it was a very tipical event because I never happened to hear more than one language announcement in any Masjid, anywhere in Pakistan. It is evident that Chitral is an international city where 4 languages are spoken in the city. The high ranking officials should note this to determine the importance of Chitral.

  6. Dear Dr Karim,
    Respect your expression of feelings about our values. You are right in many ways; Yes we are peaceful, yes we have a more sophisticated social culture than others, yes we are softer gentler and more ‘tehzib yafta’, yes we are relatively more educated, yes we are more self satisfied and less greedy than others, yes we have many qualities when everything is going normal…. BUT… the true character of a person is tested in times of trial and tribulation and in dealing with someone/something (human,animal,plant) who cannot pay him back. I’m afraid I’m not impressed with our values when weighed on the aforementioned scale. We are not peace loving and gentle with the ducks and doves and sparrows who come to take refuge in our homes, gardens and lakes. We are peaceful in front of a police baton or a fiery eyed pathan, but not in front of an injured dog who if comes our path,we would compulsively kick it or throw stone at it. We are not compassionate with a mentally challenged person on whom instead of taking pity we would jeer and tease him, we are not peaceful to the trees and plants and would raze down a whole jungle for a few bucks, and of course we are not faithful to our principles and change our loyalties like one changes napkins on various pretexts, most popular being “chitral kay behtreen mufad main”. Pardon me for being pessimistic, but if I don’t see the glass half empty, how will I even think of filling it up — Regards.

  7. Editor.Chitral News, Sorry| Your expressions could not impress me at all. I felt for a shortwhile that I am reading an English Novel which ended just like a cold storage from which one cannot get any thing. We Chitralis are comparatively a better community. The Social evils of individuals are more or less prevellant in every society. We are however proud of being civilized with a rich culture. I would like to quote here an event which I personally observed about 40 years back. I visited a remote area of Punjab near Rai Wind along with my office bearers of Chitral Welfare Society. We were given task to redress the complaint of one Chitrali woman of Oveer married here. We observed that the Chitrali woman was looking the most civilized among all other women living around her. She looked like a “Choudhrani” with clean dress and the neighbouring women used to consult her. She was advising them to keep their cattle away from their residential areas. Despite all of this, she could not adjust herself with the mindset and living style of backward area. Eventually, on her request, we got court orders for annulment of the marriage.

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