Nation rejoices passage of public hanging bill by National Assembly

CHITRAL: Whereas it may seem odd and rather weird that people become happy at the thought of public hanging, but this is a fact that 95 percent people in Pakistan (as per estimates and surveys) support the idea of publicly hanging heinous criminals so that they serve as a warning for other would be potential criminals. The passage of a similar bill by the National Assembly of Pakistan which proposes public hanging for child rapists has sprouted a rainbow amidst the dark clouds of crime in Pakistan. Many people from Chitral talking to CN expressed their glee over the passage of this bill.

After the failure of government organs like the administration, the judiciary, police etc in effectively curbing such crimes due to lenient and faulty laws and procedures, it was necessary to adopt a no-nonsense extreme law to deal with such extreme crimes.

It is unfortunate that stalwarts of the PPP, a PTI minister and some women liberalists have come out against the bill without giving any sensible reason. They have termed the law as ‘barbariat’ (barbarianism) and against the norms of a civilised society . If these critics have their own near and dear children get raped (God forbid), would they know the real meaning of ‘barbariat’ and that of a ‘civilised society’. It therefore becomes a moral obligation for the conscience yielding members of PPP and PTI to protest against the stance of their leaders who opposed the bill unjustifiably,? just for the sake of opposition disregarding the implications.

The National Assembly of Pakistan has for once done something laudable and needs to be praised for it. It is however hoped that the government does not take a Uturn on the bill … After all ‘once bitten twice shy’. .. CN report, 07 Feb 2020

2 thoughts on “Nation rejoices passage of public hanging bill by National Assembly

  1. The world as a whole has accepted hanging as barbarian act which cannot compensate any crime. Public hanging is even more barbaric. For once we should accept the established principles of the world and dont try to disgrace ourselves time and again.

    1. How do you define ‘world’? People make the world and rules and regulations are made for people concerned, not any ‘world’ as you see it. Here in Pakistan a special culture has evolved of being cruel with innocent children, animals etc because there is no accountability and no proportionate punishment. What do ‘established principles of the world’, as you put it, say about child rapists? Do they deserve any leniency in the name of human rights.? What about the human right of the child victim and her parents? Punitive punishments for gross crimes are not barbaric acts by any account- instead they are a tool to stop the spread of barbarism in the society. If there can be an even more severe punishment than public hanging for such criminals, I would recommend that.

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