Narrative of getting sins forgiven by prayers and rituals damaging Islam

CHITRAL: The holy month of Ramazan has reached it’s culminating phase. The faithful have fasted and prayed religiously throughout the month. The sacred night of Lailat ul Qadar followed by the Juma tul Wida congregation have just concluded.

One thing most prominent during Ramazan was the repeated narration of prayer leaders about sins being forgiven in lieu of fasting and Ibadat.

The narrative of preachers regarding forgivance of sins one way or the other instead of abstaining from them is a popular one with muslims as it implies an easy short cut whi8ch actually is not there. This narrative is so strong that even the well known cleric preacher Molana Tariq Jamil is on record saying that if a person recites the Durud Sharif once, his/her 2000 sins would be forgiven. This is the path being shown to muslims instead of advising them to avoid sins.

According to a social media report a 40 year old ‘assassin for hire’ was arrested and put in jail. When an interviewer asked him if he was not ashamed to face God on the day of judgement, he replied by saying he has dedicated one of his sons to become a Hafiz e Quran, who will get his sins pardoned.

This is the state affairs with the preachings of Islam today by our religious leaders. They don’t even know the basic fact that Allah Almighty has clearly mentioned in the holy Quran that He will not pardon sins against human beings in lieu of prayers and Ibadats.

Until the basic narrative regarding sins against humanity is corrected in light of the teaching of the Holy Quran, muslims will continue to commit such sins with impunity and then pray to get the sins pardoned. .. CN report, 29 Apr 2022.


2 thoughts on “Narrative of getting sins forgiven by prayers and rituals damaging Islam

  1. I believe that most people are ignorant of the fact that according to the Quran, sins are of two kind.. Major and minor. This is verifiable in Surah Ale Imran. Secondly their judgment by the Almighty will be according to Whom they are Committed against..e.g. Against humans (fraud, murder, theft, lie, back bighting, cheating etc) or Against Allah (shirk in all its forms, Interest etc).

    In a nutshell, it’s the latter that Allah may forgive, but the former shall be at the mercy of whom it is Committed against on the day of Hashr.

  2. In your concluding sentence you have nailed it. Our society has by and large accepted it as a norm that commit sin first and it will be pardoned by way of toba irrespective of the nature of sin. Only God can help us and save our society from further detoriaration.

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