Musharaff asking for too much from Chitralis

Dear Sir,
This is with reference to General Pervez Musharraf’s video link address to Chitralis asking us to vote for his nominee from Islamabad who wants to become an MNA from Chitral. If Musharaff himself had contested from Chitral we would have voted for him and he would have won hands down, but sending his Islamabad based chairman to contest from Chitral where hardly any body knows the gentleman, is stretching it too far.
Either age is telling on our dear old General and he cannot comprehend logic well, or he has developed a wrong impression about Chitralis by taking us for granted.
Let me tell Musharraf sahib in advance that much that we respected him, he has diminished his respect in the eyes of Chitralis by not trusting a single Chitrali from his party to contest elections on his behalf and instead imposing an outsider on us. The result is written on the wall. .. Muhammad Asif, Chitral 30 Jun 2018

3 thoughts on “Musharaff asking for too much from Chitralis

  1. We Chitralis have already obliged Musharraf sahib in last elections. Now, “Do more” will not work.

  2. Dear General,
    We Chitralis are very grateful to you for the Lowari Tunnel and shall remember it til our death. I named the Chitral side of the entrance as ‘Bab-e-Musharaf’ in my map of Chitral, but we hardly know the gentleman nominated by your goodself. Your first nominee also bagged our votes in your name but later joined Nawaz Sharif leaving you. We are interested in you NOT in any nominee.
    I beg excuse for my outspoken views. –RK Baig,Chitral.

  3. His Nominee Dr Amjad told me at my face that Musharaf does not trust any Chitrali to contest the NA seat from Chitral and vacate it for him after winning.

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