Mufti Aziz deals a heavy blow to the image of Islamic clerics

CHITRAL: Pornographic videos in circulation of a cleric at a seminary indulging in sodomy with a student has come as a shock to all those who had blind faith and reverence for religious clerics. Some even respected the clerics more than their parents. The subject, Mufti Aziz Ur Rahman has brought to light a horrific picture of what could be going on unnoticed in seminaries.

Whereas the act of sodomy has been associated with human beings from times immemorial, but such blatant ones have never been recorded. The culprit has been filmed in the act of sodomy while holding an open Holy book in his hands, thus desecrating the Holy book at the same time.

The irony is that except a couple of bold ones, no religious scholar or cleric has come up and condemned the person who has dealt such a heavy blow to their image. One cleric even went overboard in support of the culprit saying such acts were common even at the time of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The hypocrisy in our society, including the religious community, has been thoroughly exposed by this incident. The government should immediately regulate seminaries and keep a check on pseudo clerics out to exploit helpless children left at their mercy. The Islamic Ideology Council and all Islamic institutions of Pakistan should first admit this rotten state and then apologise to the nation for overlooking such gross moral degeneration and last but not the least punish the culprit in public.  .. CN report, 26 Jul 2021

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