Motorcylists, a new traffic nuisance in Chitral

Chitral — In the last few years there has been a sudden surge in the number of motor cycles in Chitral district. The most understandable reason given to it is probably the improvement in road conditions and the betterment in economic conditions in general.

The roads of Chitral often see motorcyclists outnumber cars and jeeps at any given time. The Motor cycle riders are mostly young men who are almost always seen over speeding specially on the newly made bypass road in Chitral city and other paved road of the district and often so reckless as to not only jeopardize their own safety but that of pedestrians too.

Traffic police overlooks the over speeding rash motorcyclists who also never wear safety helmets as required by law. If rash and over speeding motorcyclists are fined promptly by the traffic police, motorcycle related accidents would greatly diminish in Chitral. — CN report, 20 Aug 2016

3 thoughts on “Motorcylists, a new traffic nuisance in Chitral

  1. Rash riding, overspeeding, one wheeling etc are all manifestations of the frustration that our youth suffer. Having no better ways to vent out their feelings and energies, and seeing nothing inspiring in the society at large, the youth resort to ‘revengeful’ and desperate acts depicted by their behavior on the roads with motorbikes under their command.

  2. This is the major issue in our district nowadays. Majority of the accidents in our district are due to the over speeding of motorcyclists.The concerned authorities should take this issue seriously.

  3. It is the duty of traffic police and in general what they are doing in this regard? it is also due to misguidance of those parents who are giving bike to their young kids.

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