Motorbike Taxi: A viable proposition for Chitral

Chitral .. The amount of motorcycles has increased by the thousands in recent years in Chitral. Reasons include increase in the population of youth, the improved buying power of the population and the betterment in road conditions which has seen a surge in motorbike traffics on the roads. The motorbikers are mostly young men often riding for sheer thrills, overspeeding and one wheeling on the roads, many ending up with accidents and mishaps as a result thereof.

That the motorcycle age is a reality and we cannot stop the youth from using them, we can at least direct the facility they have and their energies towards productive utilization. Motorbike Taxi is a very relevant option in Chitral. In the south east Asian countries motorbike taxis are very common and do good business.

In Pakistan also new innovations like ‘Carim’ hire a car have become an instant hit. In fact a motorcycle taxi service ‘Bikea’ has stared operating in large cities including Islamabad and has immediately become popular according to reports. Why cannot the motor cycles and motorcyclists in Chitral be gainfully employed through this service? .. CN report, 05 Sep 2017.

3 thoughts on “Motorbike Taxi: A viable proposition for Chitral

  1. Given the absence of public transport and high fares of local taxis, the Motorcycle taxi option seems a very feasible and useful option in Chitral town and surroundings at least.

  2. It is really good option. However, there should not be Motor Cycle Reksha which can destroy the beauty of Chitral and environment of Chitral. Please do not encourage Reksha- thanks,

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