Motorbike accidents becoming a menace in Chitral

The motorbike related accidents in Chitral continue to wreak havoc and? have thus far taken the lives of scores of our youth.? The recurring accidents and the resultant casualties put a question mark on the performance of the Chitral Police. The young bike riders are breaking the traffic rules with impunity. They perform dangerous stunts on busy roads posing a dire threat to the lives of pedestrians, kids and old-age citizens. They never bother about wearing helmets for safety. Despite all this, the traffic police remain a silent spectator.

In my hometown Booni, I come across this shocking scenario almost on daily basis. The road between the main square Booni Bazar and the Aga Khan Medical Center Booni presents a picture more of a runway than a thoroughfare for motorcyclists. In the afternoon, the riders kick start their bikes to get a taste of overspeeding on this busy road. They speed along the road the way an aircraft hits the runway moments before takeoff with a meteoric speed. The residents living in the vicinity always fear for life due to the menace of overspeeding and are desperate for the law to take its course against the perpetrators.

What a pity! The police have miserably failed to tighten the noose around the perpetrators; despite the fact the nature of the duty the police perform in Chitral is less daunting as compared to their counterparts in other volatile districts given the low crime rates here.? The offenders are often let off with nominal fine emboldening them to carry out the gruesome act over and over again. Hardly a police van or police personnel are seen patrolling the main roads to have a check on the law breakers.? The DPO Chitral and other heads of law enforcement agencies should investigate the causes of failure to curb the menace of overspeeding and reign in the violators of the traffic rules. .. Khalid Pervaiz, Booni, Chitral 24 Sep 2018

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