Morality and Ethics, why have you abandoned us?

Chitral — The picture below speaks volumes about the standard of morality and ethics in our society. The simple steel water glass has had to be tethered to an anchor after being pinched away a number of times by non other than from amongst us in the society. The picture is of the Dr Manzoor Ali Shah memorial water well at the Ataliq bazar, where hundreds of passersby quench their thirst every day. Despite being a simple utensil worth a few rupees the tin glass is not spared, not for it’s worth in money but as a habit and the pleasure the thief derives from stealing it.


Likewise, a person’s shoes were stolen from the mosque while he was busy praying. When the person complained to the imam of the mosque about it, the later smiled it away by exclaiming that he should buy new shoes as the stolen shoes was the ‘roozy of the thief’.


Needless to repeat again, Morality and ethics have abandoned us, due to being put in the back burner by our elders and religious leaders, over the years. As we by default look towards religious preachers for all our worldly and after world guidance, it is therefore the duty of religious preachers whether imams of mosques or tableeghi jamaat or any one who sermons Islam, to include ethics and morality in their syllabus of sermons. It is never too late!— CN report, 31 Aug. Related post



3 thoughts on “Morality and Ethics, why have you abandoned us?

  1. “Ethics & morality” are like a pillar of any building, without them no society better progress. it is responsibility of teachers, religious clerics to teach morality and ethics to their students & followers.

  2. Depiction of real picture is necessary to determine and analyse things in their true perspective. This awful practice is very common throughout the country. In my opinion, a normal person, even a beggar will not attempt such a shameful practice. It is the habit of only addicted persons who appeared to us a symbol of hatred. As such nobody like to pay them penny. The need of money for the purchase of drugs compel them stealing out shoes from the mosque.
    In this regard, the government should realize it’s responsibility to combat drug trafficking first and secondly launch Rehabilitation Centres in every city with all necessary arrangements to eliminate these social evils. The social organizations should also come forward and contribute in this social welfare project.

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