Moral corpse of nation stinks during Virus season

CHITRAL: Whenever there is a test of our collective moral fiber, we Pakistanis in general, unfortunately fail badly in it. During the ongoing pandemic crisis we come across stories and reports every day in the news papers, television reports and social medial reports pointing at the abysmal state of morality as human beings.

We keep seeing reports and pictures every day of street boys picking up thrown away used masks from the roads and rubbish dumps and vending them as fresh masks to unsuspecting passer byes who take pity on the poor boy and purchase the mask. We hear reports of pharmacists hiding live saving medicines and selling them in black market at exorbitant prices. We now hear the blood plasma donors asking for exorbitant price from the needy. We also hear of hospitals charging the suffering patients through the roofs.

This absolute pathetic state of our moral health may have a number of reasons, but the primary reason definitely is that our religious preachers do not preach character building moral science. Instead they keep giving tips to get sins like mentioned above washed away by offering certain specific prayers or performing certain rituals.

The Coronavirus pandemic environment in Pakistan vis a vis our general conduct during this pandemic should be an eye opener and our religious preachers should shift the stress of their preachings towards morality and making of good human beings, instead of defining muslims merely by the yardstick of prayers and rituals.  .. CN report, 13 June 2020

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