MNA should resign, says APML Gen Secy

Chitral — General Secretary, All Pakistan Muslim League Chitral, Faizur Rehman alias Chairman has in a press statement demanded that the MNA should resign after PM Nawaz Sharif spilled the beans about his loyalty to the APML in a public meeting in faizurehman1Chitral. He said the MNA had obtained votes in the name of Musharraf but sold the mandate of the people to Nawaz Sharif who is not popular in Chitral, he said. He said the MNA had virtually committed floor crossing and If he does does not resign voluntarily, the central leadership of APML would approach the Election Commission of Pakistan to de-seat him under the relevant law. He castigated Nawaz Sharif for ridiculing the people of Chitral once again and criticized the District Nazim and MNA for clapping hands when he was doing so and this was watched by millions of people around the world. Faizur Rehman demanded that the Lowari tunnel should be inaugurated by the Army Chief as it was built due to the direct interest of the then Army Chief Gen Pervez Musharraf. — BH Azad, 11 Sep 2016

4 thoughts on “MNA should resign, says APML Gen Secy

  1. “If aunty had ba**s she would be uncle” says an old saying. If the central leadership of APML had any moral authority they should not have Allowed Shahzada Iftikharuddin to contest elections in the first place as the party had announced complete boycot of general elections all over Pakistan. But because they found they could win elections in Chitral through Iftikharuddin, they quitely gave him a nod to go ahead despite the announced ban. If a party cannot apply it’s decision and principles honestly, it should not expect the person who won on his own clout to be faithful to them. This is politics and every thing is ‘fair’ in politics. Show me an honest politician and I will show you the sun rising from the west. Today even if Musharraf comes to fight elections from Chitral but is not willing to empty bags of money on it, he will be dumped as if he was never there.

  2. During three times tenure as Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif never talked about Lowari tunnel. A millitary chief started building it and Nawaz Sharif jumped on the band wagon at the time of its inevitable completion. This is not fair. The Military chief whoever he is at that time should inaugurate it so that no political person hijacks the credit for the Lowari tunnel.

  3. Interesting, he has been son of General Zia who discontinued the backbone project of Chitral. Again it has been started by General Musharaf. The credit goes to Mr. Bhuto and Mr. Musharaf, I don’t know why he is trying to get credit.

    The reason he is trying to get credit, as he is taking credit in Punjab there people are uneducated. He doesn’t know the literacy rate of Chitral. Therefore, he was taking credit and asking Chitralies ,,, do you know Urdu. Shame of this type of ignorant Prime Minister …. he doesn’t know a bacis figure of the country such as literacy rate, per capita income and GDP.

  4. No doubt, the literacy rate of Chitral is higher as compared to any other remote areas even in the Punjab. But unfortunately, let me say, character building measure (CBM) is not being adopted almost in the educational institutions of Chitral. Consequently, we are not matured while holding opinion about any individual person. Our language as well as our thinking does not reflect maturity in any way as is evident from the comments of may people. The NGOs and intellectuals like Thinker’s Forum are therefore requested to come forward to take the challenge of CBM issue.

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