MNA raises Lowari tunnel torture issue in the Assembly

Chitral:? MNA Chitral Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has put up a formal question in the National Assembly about the Lowari tunnel being closed most of the time despite it been inaugurated by the prime minister as completed 14 months ago. Talking to the press he said no work is going on inside the tunnel and yet the travelers are tortured by making them wait uselessly at the mouth of the tunnel for hours and then allowed to move inside in batches like a flock of sheep in one direction only whereas the tunnel is a full fledged two way tunnel. The question of the MNA will be answered by the NHA which is expected to give some flimsy excuse for continuing their sadistic attitude towards travelers. .. CN report, 01 Aug 2018

One thought on “MNA raises Lowari tunnel torture issue in the Assembly

  1. Good job by MNA. But, mere question in the Assembly or press statement will not work as they have not worked before. MNA along with District Nazim, two MPAs and two Tehsil Nazims, should lead a long march to the tunnel and stage a dharna over there untill the Lowari tunnel is declared 24 hours open. People will follow them if properly organized. If the MMA can call up thousands of Madrassa talibs from all over the country for elections, why can’t it summon them for this serious collective benefit cause which is even more important than elections.

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