MNA meets chairman NHA, talks of Lowari problem

Chitral: MNA Chitral Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali met NHA chairman in Islamabad and talked to him about the Lowari tunnel crossing problem, slow pace of shoulder road works, Drosh Chitral road, Ayun Bumburet road, Chitral Garm chashma road, Mastuj Booni road etc. The Chairman NHA assured him? him of paying positive attention to these problems. .. CN report, 05 Aug 2018

2 thoughts on “MNA meets chairman NHA, talks of Lowari problem

  1. Maulana sahib has mentioned every possible problem to Chairman NHA. I wonder how did he miss out the Juma ki chhuti. Can the chairman NHA address all these problems together? If nothing happens about opening Lowari tunnel 24 hours a day in a short time,say a week, we will consider Maulana’s press statement a jugut bazi.

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