MNA demands additional district for Chitral

Chitral — MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikharuddin has demanded from the provincial government that Chitral district being the largest district in KPK, be divided into two districts for better administration and services deliverance. He quoted the recent addition of another district in Kohistan making three distrcts there, which had?a smaller area?than Chitral having and almost same population figure. — CN report, 14 mar 2017.

3 thoughts on “MNA demands additional district for Chitral

  1. The MPA from Kohistan did not just demand but sacrificed his party and his Assembly seat to get the demand fulfilled. Big sacrifice is needed to achieve big goals. No free lunch will be served please.

  2. The demand of an additional distric proposed by Haji Inamullah is not sufficient to cope up with the requirements of Chitral. The additional Province of Gilgit Baltistan is likely to be established in near future. We Chitralis would like to be merged into Gilgit Baltistan because our culture, our traditions and even language do not matching with KPK at all. Moreover,the KPK people as well as the government are dealing out step motherly treatment to Chitralis. We are always exploited every where within the province of KPK. The MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikhar-ud-Din is requested to consider the issue and put up the same in parliament.


    Furthermore Chitral should be divided into 6 district not 2.

    District No 1. DROSH DISTRICT: Shinaki Belt Consisiting of 8 different version of languages of Shina language of Gilgit.
    From Lawari Pass to Gahret having their capital in DROSH (Excluding Birir but including Madaklasht and all eastern areas in this belt), Drosh District will be to protect our various communities of Arandu, Bioll, Damel, Asuret and all the Shina version speaking communities who had travelled in early centuries from Chilas and Shinaki Kohistan to Chitral. And the persian lanuage of Madaklasht. Drosh is development and nearest to them.

    District No 2: KALASH DISTRICT: Kalashwar Language
    Consisting of Birir, Bumburet, Rumbur and Oyon having their capital at Bumburet, to protect our Kalashh Community who had traveled from Ladakh and Tibet to Chitral in early centuries. Oyon will have easy access to Bumburet rather than Chitral when roads are solid. Bumburet should be capital rather Oyon because we want our Kalash Tribe to rise.

    District No 3: CHITRAL DISTRICT: Khowar Language
    From Broze to Moroi consisting of all the areas in this belt from east to west including Garam Chashma, Gobor etc. It will be the big district that can control
    this far big area. It is nearest to them.

    District No 4: BOONI DISTRICT: Khowar Language
    From Preyit to Booni (including other areas like Parwak etc) having the captital at Booni. Booni and Kuragh are developed areas and have good school and colleges to which students from Drosh even study.

    District No 5: MESTUJ DISTRICT: Khowar and Shina Language
    Consisting all the areas of Torkhow, Mulkhow, Laspur etc having their captial in mestuj.

    District No 6: BOROGHOL DISTRICT: Wakhi and Khowar Language
    Consisting of Yarkhun, Boroghol and all other small areas having their capital at Boroghol to protect our Wakhi community.

    After making these 6 districts the name for Chitral District becomes void because a Sub Chitral District is made above and a district can not contain another district. So The proper name and status for Chitral District should be changed to QASHQAR PROVINCE and be excluded from KPK. The MNA, MPAs and all other legal, political and responsible personals can then drive Chitral while sitting inside their own districts in Qashqar. They will then not be needing to travel 12 or 14 hours wasted for nothing. In these 6 districts six capital cities will rise and their will be a an enormous amount of business and job opportunies even without CPEC. If CPEC is consistered in addition to this then It will be more advanced then Hong Kong because Hong Kong is not a good gateway like QASHQAR PROVINCE.

    This should be and is the demand of Current Chitral Nation.

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