MNA demands 24 hrs opening of Lowari tunnel

Chitral: MNA Chitral Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has in a press conference held at Peshawar Press club demanded that the Lowari tunnel be opened as a two way tunnel 24 hours a day just like other tunnels are. He said there is no work going on inside and for years on the pretext of ongoing work Chitralis have been tortured at the tunnel.

The MNA mentioned the rough handling he got at the hands of security personnel at the tunnel and said if the attitude of security personnel continues to be like this there will be emerge many Mazoor Pashtins to challenge the high handedness, but we will not let this happen he quickly added. He said vehicle registration etc should be handed over to police on both sides of the tunnel and NHA should take management of traffic under it’s own control and not make any excuses. He said he would submit a privilege motion in the National Assembly regarding the incident. MPA Molana Hidayatur Rahman and other political leaders were present with him during the press conference.? .. CN report, 15 Oct 2018

One thought on “MNA demands 24 hrs opening of Lowari tunnel

  1. In the light of experience it can be assumed that the most likely outcome of MNA’s protest and press conference would be that someone from the concerned department would apologize with the MNA, a couple of sepoys would be shuffled here and there and a ‘muk muka’ between the MNA and those who offended him would occur and business as usual would continue at the tunnel i.e disgracing of travelers and making vehicles wait in long lines while tunnel staff have lunch break etc would continue.

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