Miscellaneous News Briefs

  1. One person Imtiaz alias Guru was found dead near his house after an earlier brawl with an Afghan refugee running a bakery in Kosht village of upper Chitral. The Afghan national received knife injuries, it was reported.
  2. ?A jeep vehicle carrying members of a family met an accident near Sonoghar, leaving one person Muhammad Zahir Khan dead while seven other passengers including women and children were injured.
  3. Employees of the district account office Chitral launched a strike on Thursday. They were demanding equal privileges compared to other departments which was being denied to them, the leaders said. They showed their determination to continue the protest until their demands were met.
  4. Solarization project of Govt Centennial High School was launched at a cost between 3 to 4 million in a ceremony held at the school attended by German embassy officials, CEO SRSP, Deputy Commissioner lower Chitral, teachers and others.
  5. Frequent loadshedding continues throughout the day in Chitral town despite housing a 108 megawatt power plant. No official of the WAPDA is held accountable for the untoward and unwarranted loadshedding inflicted upon the captive consumers of electricity.
  6. Chitral Scouts have recovered 39 Kilos of heroin from three Chitrali persons belonging to Garam Chashma valley at the Gobor check post. The heroin was being smuggled from Afghanistan. This is thus far the biggest haul of heroin in Chitral, and people have appreciated the successful effort of the Scouts.

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