‘Ministry of positive thinking’ needed in Pakistan.

Dear sir,
Through your esteemed website, I wish to express my feelings regarding something that I feel strongly.

I feel that we Pakistanis nurture too much of negative thinking which shows itself in so many ways. Whenever there is a call for a protest for any reason we immediately think of vandalism, violence and rampage as necessary part of the protest. Whenever we think of a job we immediately look for the undue overhead benefits of the job more than it’s due benefits. When we think of an examination, we think of cheating as an essential part of the examination. When we see two people fighting with each other we enjoy the scene and the more the violence the more we get our thrills. When we come across a pie dog in the street we kick it by default. When we see doves and ducks alight on our trees and ponds, our mouths start to water at the thought of killing these beautiful creations.

I can quote numerous examples where the negative thinking in us is so visible. This kind of attitude has made a place for itself in our mindset over the years due to not being guided and it needs deliberate effort to be corrected.

In Bhutan they have a ‘ministry of happiness’ which they may not be much needing, but in Pakistan we direly need a ‘ministry of positive thinking’ to correct our mindset. .. Muhammad Hafeez, Chitral, 04 Nov 2018.

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