Migratory ducks should be spared to avoid virus chances

CHITRAL: Shortly duck hunting season would commence in Chitral and ponds and lakes by the river would be prepared as a ploy to lure the unwary migratory ducks to fall for this foul cheating and ruthless massacre by the ‘peaceful’ people of Chitral. This year however the ducks have a chance. As corona virus is a product of China and much of these birds come from Siberia and China, it is therefore worthwhile to exercise caution and not kill these ducks at least this season to preclude any possibility of contracting the virus from any contaminated migratory ducks. The clerics in mosques and the district administration can play their role to dissuade compulsive duck shooters to abstain, and thereby earn Allah’s mercy for themselves. .. CN report, 09 Feb 2020

4 thoughts on “Migratory ducks should be spared to avoid virus chances

  1. Kindness and compassion which are supposed to be basic qualities of a human being, have failed to dissuade men from killing animals for pleasure. The fear of corona virus may do the job.

  2. Wow. I didnt know you all are vegetarian, nice to know.
    whats different from buying meat in market and hunting. Hunting is more honest

    1. It is not for the meat as there is hardly any meat in a skinny duck. It is for seeking sadistic pleasure which a person derives by killing something, here they are the ‘guest’ migratory birds. Not that slaughtering domesticated animals is any much commendable and vegetarianism is ideal (Btw vegetables also have feelings, why eat them too?) but still for the sake of comparison, domestic animals and chicken etc have been reared and fed for sometime before you slaughter them, while the poor bird has taken nothing from you and owes you nothing. That is the difference, if you want to compare.

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