‘Migratory birds at brink of extinction due to ruthless hunting’

CHITRAL: Speakers at a function held in connection with World Migratory Birds Day here on Friday expressed concern over ‘ruthless’ hunting of water fowls and other species in Chitral, which is the starting point of Indus flyway.

Held under the aegis of snow leopard Foundation at government high school, Sor Laspur in Upper Chitral, students, representatives of civil society and academia attended the event, highlighting the importance of migratory birds for environment and ecosystem.

They said a number of species of migratory birds were at the brink of extinction.

They said the people of Chitral were fortunate to welcome a large number of birds in the course of their migration from Siberia to the plains of Pakistan and India.

Students of the school highlighted the significance of migratory birds through their sketches and drawings, which were applauded by the participants.

A sensitisation documentary was also played for the participants to enhance their interest and understanding about wildlife conservation. .. Source

2 thoughts on “‘Migratory birds at brink of extinction due to ruthless hunting’

  1. Hunting and killing for pleasure is a dark part of human history. In this age, growing number of people are despising this and have started raising voice against this sadistic ‘sport’ considering it cruel and a psychological ailment.

  2. The endangered snowcock in the mountain region

    The Snowcock, a beautiful bird native to the mountainous regions of northern Pakistan, is a species known for its weight and unique take-off behavior. These impressive avian creatures weigh a minimum of 4 kilograms, and their weight significantly influences their take-off style. Unlike many other birds, they cannot simply take flight from their perched positions. Instead, they choose a specific take-off point and start a high-speed run before launching into the air.

    During the early spring in the mountainous areas of northern Pakistan, the melodious whistle of the snow cock blends harmoniously with the natural soundscape. However, the charm of this fascinating bird is under grave threat, as it teeters on the brink of endangerment and potential extinction. Several factors have contributed to this precarious situation, including habitat loss, shifting climatic conditions, and excessive hunting. If immediate and comprehensive measures are not taken to protect the snow cock, it could face the same fate as the Dodo and many other species of birds that have vanished from the Earth.

    To ensure the survival of this unique and beautiful species, it is imperative that concerted efforts are made to safeguard its habitat, mitigate the effects of climate change, and curb overhunting. The preservation of the snow cock is not only an ecological imperative but also a commitment to the preservation of our planet’s rich biodiversity.

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