Micro tunneling: The most most effective way to solve road construction/maintenance problems in mountain areas

CHITRAL: Construction and maintenance of roads in Chitral has forever been a problem and even today, with all the latest technology and machinery available, we are still stuck up with primitive methods of road construction. Maintenance of roads is a big problem even after the road has been made.

With latest equipment, micro tunnels ranging from a few hundred meters to a couple of kilometers can be dug all along the road to solve the maintenance problem of the roads once for ever.

As a case in point , The road from Timergara to Dir is winding and rewinding with bends and curves all along making a very short distance a long ones due to the sharp bends. If micro tunnels are made to eliminate all the sharp bends, not only will the distance shorten greatly, but fuel consumption/import of Pakistan will reduce a lot.

Similarly the roads in the main valleys of Chitral and GB can greatly be shortened and made maintenance free by making micro and mini tunnels and using steel bridges to shorten the gorges. The best part about it is that making a tunnel nowadays is more easy and cost effective than building and maintaining a mountain road. ..CN report, 02 Oct 2020

2 thoughts on “Micro tunneling: The most most effective way to solve road construction/maintenance problems in mountain areas

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