Messages of grief over incidence of calamities

Chitral — Whenever there is an occurrence of natural calamity taking a toll of life and property, immediately a spate of condolence messages from political personalities appear in the press. Words like ‘deeply grieved’ and ‘heartfelt sympathies’ although appear profusely but hardly has any message the real spirit of sympathy in it.

Empty messages without the soul in it, grieve the calamity stricken people even further instead of consoling them. The practice of forwarding empty condolence messages to the press without doing anything practical should stop. If political leaders take the trouble of visiting the grief stricken areas, it would mean much more.

The culture of blaring out empty sympathy messages should stop and only any practical steps taken to alleviate the troubles of the affected people should be published. Newspapers and TV channels can decide to boycott all such stereo type routine messages.

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