Menace of increasing street dogs goes un checked in Chitral bazars

Chitral .. The menace of increasing number of pye-dogs in Chitral bazars has always been a problem except for the little time when operation against theses canine creatures is carried out killing them ruthlessly, until the surviving puppies again grow up and take over the bazars in droves. The health and municipal officials take action only after people start complaining and protesting when the problem becomes too obvious. As one time killing of the dogs does not eliminate the problem, it is essential that all the stray dogs should be sterilised through medicine in their feed to stop further production and preclude the resultant ruthless killing of these dogs. Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi an ex president district bar association has posted a picture on facebook reproduced above and has threatened to take the responsible authorities to court for this negligence in curbing street dog parades in the bazars.

.. CN report, 24 Nov 2017

One thought on “Menace of increasing street dogs goes un checked in Chitral bazars

  1. Instead of wasting the healthy looking dogs we can gift them to the Chinese as contribution for the CEPAC.. It will be like ‘hum khorma hum sawab’ 🙂

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