‘Masked tourism’: An oxymoron being planned by the government

Masked Tourism

CHITRAL: As per the intentions being expressed by the Prime Minister of course on the advise of his advisors, tourism is likely to be revived in the country, particularly the Northern areas. Strange as it seems, on one hand the government is stressing on wearing masks by one and all and on the other hand it wants people to enjoy tourism. These are clear misnomers. Tourism means enjoying, socializing, and relaxing, while wearing a mask does just the opposite. How can a tourist enjoy or relax while wearing a mask. The government advisors to the Prime Minister seem to be a bunch of ‘wise men of Gotham’ who keep on advising such unique administrative measures which more often than not do not work for long and have to be wrapped up, in other words a ‘U turn’ has to be taken.

The northern areas like Chitral are severely deficient in medical facilities to cope with any large scale breakout of the virus which will not be a distant possibility if tourism is allowed in the area. People are already frustrated by being locked down in the homes and upon being allowed out they will rush in hordes to the hills and cause herd infection before any wishful herd immunity can be achieved. .. CN report, 05 June 2020

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