Major Shahzada Khush Ahmad Ul Mulk passes away

Chitral — The last surviving son of Aala Hazrat Sir Shuja Ul Mulk Mehtar of Chitral, Major Shahzada Khush Ahmad Ul Mulk passed away at his ancestral home Ayun at the age of 98. He was the father of Shahzada Masood Ul Mulk and Shahzada Maqsood Ul Mulk. Major Khush Ahmad?served in the royal Indian Army and the Pakistan Army on many commanding positions of the time. He?was an avid gardener and his gardens at Ayun fort are a testimony of the labour of his love. He shall be buried at his family?graveyard in Barhawusht Ayun fort … CN report, 02 June 2017

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5 thoughts on “Major Shahzada Khush Ahmad Ul Mulk passes away

  1. People of Chitral in particular should join praying Almighty Allah for grant of eternal peace to the departed soul and patience to his family. Ameen.

  2. Shahzada Khush Ahmad was a unique personality in his own right. A real stalwart of the solid values of yonder days not seen much in contemporary times. He was fiercely independent, audaciously outspoken and openly expressed his disdain for hypocrisy where ever he saw it. He treasured a high degree of self esteem and always spoke in prose and in poem about the importance of self respect for a nation. He never stooped low for material gains and lived a life high with his conscience. May he rest in peace.

  3. Shahzada Khush Ahmad was universal in his reach. His circle of friends and admirers extended across the continents. Gentle, gracious, courteous, and with a twinkle in his eye, he was at one with nature as he was with his fellow man. And he was an extraordinary link with an extraordinary past. Those of us from the UK and beyond who knew him and cherished his friendship will not forget him.

  4. Great departure in the holy month of Ramadan that too on Friday. A rare phenomenon to observe. May Allah shower His choicest blessings on the departed soul.

  5. Shahzada Khush Ahmad is well remembered among his friends in the U.S. for his many civic contributions, but also for his contribution to our common humanity. In him, candour and kindness, humour and intelligence, curiosity and spirituality were projected through the soft power of a great heart. He has been praised for his horticultural interests, his defence of Chitral’s fragile environment, and his work with Afghan refugees, but he should also be remembered as a passionate advocate for Chitrali women, who were sometimes sent as naive brides to dubious futures outside Chitral. Like an endangered species, men of Shahzada Khush Ahmad’s moral stature are rare. But as long as his beautiful garden and those who cherished his friendship survive, his legacy will endure.

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