Luxury bus service between Islamabad and Chitral launched

Chitral: A new service featuring a luxury bus plying between Islamabad and Chitral non stop has been launched by Shahzada Siraj ulMulk owner of Hindukush Heights hotel Chitral. The ticket is expected to be Rs 1800 per person and the bus would depart at fixed time regardless of the seat occupancy, it was learnt. The first trip to Chitral arrived in Chitral on 01 October with passengers including TV artists on board. The service would prove a big facility for passengers who want to travel in comfort and are willing to pay a little extra for it. Contact numbers for further info. ph 03449700113, 03355700800 or 03449700024? .. CN report, 03 Oct 2018.

16 thoughts on “Luxury bus service between Islamabad and Chitral launched

  1. Wonderful initiative taken by Siraj Ul Mulk sb to facilitate passengers with luxury bus service, who want to travel to Chitral.This initiative would be helpful to promote tourism industry in Pakistan specially in Chitral as well. We really appreciate Siraj Ul Mulk sb for his kind and wise step to provide best, safe and comfortable service for Chitral. Great minds always take great step.

    This is a bus which has been mostly built for comfort and safety on roads with a good surface. The comfort is provided by a low ground clearance and pheumatic suspension, full airconditioning and heating and fully reclining leatheret seats. The safety is provided by magnetically controlling the driving shaft when ever brakes are applied especially during steep descents like the one after the small tunnel on the Chitral side of the lowari pass.
    This bus is manufactured in Karachi as a joint venture between Master Motors and Yutong of China. It is rapidly becoming the most popular choice of Transport companies in Pakistan.
    Along with five drivers I went to Karachi two weeks ago to take delivery of the bus and also give training to the drivers at the manufacturing plant of Master Motors. I was impressed by the way the plant was being run and it gave me confidence that I will have good back up support from the manufacturers.
    It was a twenty four hour journey from Karachi to Islamabad. I was able to drive the bus myself at one part of the journey and found that it handled well.
    It is when I brought the bus to Chitral on 30th Sept that I realized that it will be a huge challenge for me. The road on the Chitral side of the lowari has many ” khaddas” and the floor of the bus touched the stoney road twice and damaged its bumpers.
    Since we cannot get Usmani and Associates to come to our help I got back to the manufactures and asked them to help.
    Today a team of Chinese and Pakistani technicians will be travelling on this bus to Chitral to see the condition of our road themselves and also see what they can do to raise the ground clearance if at all possible.
    So please say a prayer all of you. Either we shall have changed the comfort level of transportation to Chitral or I will have failed in the initiative I have taken. On my part I will leave no stone unturned on the Lowari to make this project succeed.
    Will keep you informed and if we succeed we will then give you other details of bus timings and bus fares etc.
    Thank you for all your support. I need it most in this venture. God bless Chitral.

  3. It’s how we were surprised why he took this matter up which later came to known that Siraj sb had already finalized the idea of starting bus service between Chitral and Islamabad.

  4. A much needed bus service for Chitralis who want to travel to and from downcountry in comfort. The replica of the Daewoo service will mitigate the sufferings of the commuters a great deal. Hats off Prince Siraj Ulmulk.

  5. it is a big facility for the people of Chitral. Thank you so much Sirajul Mulk Sahib for this initiative. I have some bad experiences of travel between Isb and Chitral with the coasters a number of times but that was the only facility for us a couple of years before. I would appreciate Chitralies to support this big initiative by travelling with this safe and comfortable service.

  6. hello .. this year i planning to visit chilam joshi festival 2019 and i got suggestion that 1st i reached chitral therfore i need luxury coach which is introduce by Hindukush express can any 1 tell from where i can book ticket for 12th may 2019 for chitral from islamabad and then after 17the may return ticket chitral from islamabad my contact number is 03332291214 and 03008201284 any 1 have detail plz let me know in this regard itz helpful me

  7. Hi
    I want onlie booking. Could you please share your bank account, easypesa account or any other means for this specific purpose. I want 4 seats for tomorrow. The only way of booking is online. Kindly contact 03458532678

  8. Want to book a coaster for 12 to 13 persons for Chitral next week. Please give a responsible person details to contact in this regard.

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