Lowari tunnel versus Swat motorway tunnel

World record holder incomplete tunnel!

Chitral — The Chief Minister KP has just inaugurated the 81 Kilometer motorway project  from Swabi to Chakdara. This project along with the tunnel and all would be completed in 15 months it was declared. The project includes two tunnels of two kilometers length besides five interchanges. The motorway /tunnel would be constructed by the Frontier Works Organisation.
In comparison, the Lowari tunnel was first inaugurated 50 years ago and then re- inaugurated 10 years back. According to the NHA 80 percent work has been completed, but still it is doubtful whether it will be completed in the next fifteen months, or a yet another new deadline would be given. After all what is the reason that a huge project like the Swat motorway/tunnel can be completed in 15 months but our own very Lowari tunnel can not/has not be completed in 15 years? — CN report, 27 Aug 2016.

5 thoughts on “Lowari tunnel versus Swat motorway tunnel

  1. Tunnel making has become easier and more feasible than building and maintaining roads in mountainous areas due to efficient machinery and new technique available nowadays. It is suggested that at least two more tunnels be dug promptly, one from Dir Panakot to connect it to the present tunnel, and the other from Ziarat to connect it to the small tunnel and extend it to Mirkhani. It may seem tall talk and to some impossible but believe me this is feasible and far more simple than one would like to imagine. Saving continuous recurring cost of maintenance of road on this route should be considered if not the shortening of the distance and saving on fuel and time and effort.

  2. Because you don’t protest : this is Pakistan you need to send a big group of people to Islamabad and stage a big protest and don’t leave until nawaz sharif orders Nha to complete in 6 months I have been working with this project for long time and nothing much is happening. I am upset even though I don’t live in Pakistan. Come on and stage a big protest.

  3. Great idea Mr. Fardad Ali Shah – We need strong leadership and they must have strong negotiation power. Protest is the negative side of getting your right

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