Lowari tunnel torture continues one year after innauguration

Chitral .. The Lowari tunnel was inaugurated last year in July by the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who in his inaugural speech declared that 99 percent of the tunnel has been completed and Chitralis can use the tunnel round the clock. Not a single day after the inauguration were travelers able to use the tunnel 24 hours a day.

Weird schedules are made and changed by the tunnel authorities without advertising the same. Travelers and tourists who come from far away places of Punjab are given rude shock at the tunnel when they are told that ‘tunnel open time’ is over and ‘tunnel close time’ has begun. Where on earth is such restriction placed on a road tunnel meant to be open round the clock.

There seems no body who can ask the NHA authorities and security personnel present at the tunnel about their people unfriendly attitude towards travelers. It appears as if these agencies derive sadistic pleasure in torturing travelers wanting to travel through the tunnel. .. CN report, 27 Jun 2018

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  1. The latest Lowari tunnel opening schedule is produced below for information. (It may be noted that this changed schedule has not been advertised by NHA. CN got it through private information source).
    0900 hrs – 1200 hrs
    1400 hrs – 1600 hrs
    1800 hrs – 2100 hrs

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