Lowari tunnel schedule to be strictly followed

Chitral — ”The schedule for opening of the Lowari tunnel for travelers will be strictly followed” says an official handout by the office of the deputy commissioner Chitral.

It is sad that a schedule which was agreed upon by all the agencies involved in the lowari tunnel management was not being honoured and travelers including elderly, sick, women and children were being made to wait in the wilderness under the snow for as long as eight hours on the pretext that work was going on inside the tunnel. It is a pity that Imran Khan had to be requested who instructed the provincial government who through the DC Chitral issued strict warning to the tunnel managers to follow the schedule.

Pakistan has come down to such an abyss in governance that protests and special interventions are needed to implement even simple time tables and normal schedules. The most obvious reason for this decadence is the absence of accountability.

To prove the case in point, last year the Peshawar high court had verdicted that the tunnel be opened on daily basis, the provincial assembly had passed a unanimous resolution demanding the same and the two MPAs had held a joint press conference, threatening to resign if the tunnel was not opened on a daily basis. The tunnel was of course not opened on daily basis, instead curtailed from three days to two. Where does the order of the high court stand? What is the status of the unanimous resolution of the provincial assembly on the matter and what about the promise of resignation of the MPAs.

We have come to such a shameful state that no rule of law, ethics or norms matter to us and we just try to pass time and compromise with all nonsense that keeps going on around us. A clean sweep is required to remove this cancerous system and and install a neat, efficient and just order based on merit alone.

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