Lowari Tunnel project scam should be thoroughly investigated by NAB

Dear Sir,,
It is an era of accountability in Pakistan. Every where there is demand for accountability from top to bottom. The people of Pakistan are willing to brave inflation and price hike but want no compromise on accountability for which the PTI government has been voted into power.? I request PM Imran Khan through your esteemed website, to order an inquiry into the causes of the phenomenal cost hike of the Lowari tunnel from initial seven billion rupees to twenty seven billion rupees.

The estimated completion time when the tunnel construction was started in 2005 was three years but now even after fifteen years the tunnel remains incomplete. Such phenomenal corruption and irregularity can only happen in a banana republic like Pakistan. Immediate investigation into the Lowari tunnel scam should be ordered by the Prime Minister and the culprits be brought to task as an example for others. .. Ehsanul Haq, Chitral 24 Oct 2018

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