Lowari tunnel opening delayed due to heavy snowfall

Chitral — According to a press release by Chitral Scouts headquarters, the Lowari tunnel will open on Wednesday this week instead of Tuesday due to heavy snowfall in the area. According to the press release the commandant Chitral Scouts felt that the travelers will face trouble due to the heavy snowfall on Tuesday and therefore he has advanced the tunnel opening day to Wednesday. — CN report, 24 Jan 2017

One thought on “Lowari tunnel opening delayed due to heavy snowfall

  1. After reading this press release it appears that the Chitral Scouts is now fully involved in the traffic management of the Lowari tunnel. This is good news. Now we can hope that the Commandant can keep a close watch on the behaviour of NHA staff to abide by the schedule timings strictly and he will ensure that the FWO clears the road properly and in time, for which they are paid generously.

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