Love of the Prophet (PBUH) means much more..

CN Editorial
24 Apr 2017

The Love and reverence that Muslims world over?have for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unmatchable and unfathomable. Any Muslim any where would be ready to die for or ready to kill for the love of the Prophet.?Unfortunately not many muslims are ready to live for the love of ?the Prophet (PBUH).

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a perfect example of how he wanted his followers?to live. His life from birth to his last day is a complete embodiment of how Muslims should conduct themselves in day to day life.

The Holy Prophet from his very?childhood was known as Sadiq and Amin (truthful and honest).?At the age of forty when he?declared himself the prophet of God, the people said as Muhammad (PBUH)?had never told a lie?in his whole life, his claim to prophet hood must also be true, and thus accepted his claim. Despite such being the importance of being truthful and honest?and being the basic character trait of the holy prophet, we do not honour it?at all thus implicitly showing disrespect (naoozu billah) to the spirit of holy prophet.

The holy prophet always preached balance and moderation in life but we get off balance and go out at tangents, at the slightest excuse. ?The holy prophet (PBUH) preached and practiced forgivance but we are just not ready to do that.

When the holy prophet ordered the moon to split into two, the infidels saw it but were not impressed and did not convert to Islam.?When the holy prophet ascended to heavens on the occasion of Meraj, the infidels were not impressed.?When he beat the heavy army of infidels with a handful of companions aided by angels in the battle of Badr, the infidels were still not impressed and did not budge.

However, when at the time of the conquest of Mecca when there were thousands of captured enemy in front of him and he could have ordered all to be beheaded, the prophet of Islam?forgave them. This impressed the non believers?so much that they converted to Islam in droves. Such being the power of forgiveness and the preaching and practice of our beloved prophet, we?are totally oblivious?to it.

Showing love for the holy prophet by getting emotional when someone disrespects him is all very well, but more important is showing love for him by following his style of life and his glowing examples of truth fullness, honesty, balanced life, forgiveness and respect for humanity in our day to day lives. Unfortunately, we are far away from that... CN Editorial, 24 Apr 2017

5 thoughts on “Love of the Prophet (PBUH) means much more..

  1. I have always been saying that the religious preacher and imam of the mosque yields tremendous power and potential (more than anyone else), to reform the society. The current case in point proves that. Single handedly the imam of a mosque saved an insane person from being lynched by a ferocious mob inside the mosque. Who else could have done/dared that?
    It is therefore imperative that we first recognize then harness the power of the pulpit and use it to reform the society. The imams should be first paid and looked after well and then instructed to preach the true spirit of Islam i.e honesty, truthfulness (sadaqat, amanat), goodness, kindness, forgiveness, respect for humanity etc.
    An angry imam, an unsatisfied imam, a disillusioned imam will transmute the same feelings to the society via the prayer goers. It is high time we recognize and accept real issues and try attend them.

  2. Fardad Sahib has elaborated with positive comments on the editorial regarding the recent incident of Shahi Mosque Chitral. I have seen the movie of the mob. It was really a very emotional event and the anger of the Muslims is natural and reflects the spiritual love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

  3. Our respected moulvi sahiban have been used as instruments in spreading a belligerent and intolerant narrative of Islam, by invisible sources. Now they should be positively engaged to make correction and preach the correct narrative of Islam i.e of peace and tolerance.

  4. The editor of CN deserves deep appreciation for portraying the true spirit of Islam and the teachings and practice of the holy prophet (SAW). Being a complete code of life, Islam teaches us moderation, tolerance, forbearance and spirit of accommodation and strongly condemns extreme approach towards life. In the Holy Quran, the holy prophet (SAW) has been called mercy to mankind (Rahmatul-lil-Aalameen). As the followers of such a lofty prophet we must exhibit tolerance forgiveness and magnanimity towards each other and even towards those who commit an act of sacrilege because that is committed out of sheer ignorance. However, it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that an exemplary punishment is handed down to the present much-cursed blasphemer as prescribed by the blasphemy law.
    The role played by the khateeb of Shahi masjid Chitral is praiseworthy judged by any standard as any emotional and imprudent act on his part would have triggered sectarian violence resulting into lynching of innocent people by emotionally charged and unruly mob thus repeating the most unfortunate history of 1982 which does not get off our memory even after a lapse of 35 years. The government must acknowledge the magnificent and chivalrous role of the said khateeb and honour him with an award of peace which he richly deserves. He has presented a practical demonstration of the verse of the Holy Quran which says that saving the life of one human being is tantamount to saving the whole humanity.
    We must remain on guard against the conspiracy hatched by our enemies both hidden and visible who work day and night to fulfil their nefarious designs and are bent upon disrupting the peace and harmony prevailing around and destroying our social and religious fabric.

  5. We should also consider why we fly into rage generally so fast on matters that do not subscribe to our liking.
    The incident of blasphemy by an insane person was an extreme act and drew an extreme response which was natural, but even in daily lives we see people loosing temper too soon and resorting to extreme form of violence whether physical or emotional.
    One reason I see for this frailty is the substandard and adulterated foodstuff we are fed, which does not provide enough nourishment to the brain and the brain goes berserk at the time of trial. Living on substandard food is not easy and many countries with weak people would have collapsed by now eating our kind of food, but Pakistanis have strong genes and are still living.
    One reason why Pakistanis perform better When they go to other countries for work is because they get pure food there. Adulterated and substandard foodstuff has pulled our new generation too far down to expect any solid stability and resilience from them.

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